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Opleidingen en cursussen

Vind een cursus of training. In samenwerking met Springest



Over het arbeidsmarktperspectief van een Property Manager valt weinig met zekerheid te zeggen. Er is vaak een constante vraag naar, maar het is niet zo dat er grote uitschieters zijn. De doorgroeimogelijkheden zijn ook vrij beperkt, want je zult vrijwel altijd een extra opleiding moeten volgen.

Er zijn een hoop verschillende manieren om je te verdiepen in het beroep Property Manager. Je kan een opleiding volgen, maar er zijn nog andere laagdrempelige manieren om aan die kennis te komen. Hieronder kan je diverse boeken, Ebooks of DVD's vinden waarmee je meer kan leren over de functie en de inhoud van het beroep Property Manager. Er zijn boeken voor de beginner of voor de Property Manager die verder wilt ontwikkelen binnen het vakgebied.

Preparing for Pandemic Flu | Robin Stinson

A Real Estate Manager's Guide to Protecting People, Property and Assets - Engels | E-book | 9781572031548

International health experts have warned the world about the potentially deadly H5N1 avian influenza virus. With the threat of a pandemic looming, real estate managers must be prepared to deal with the economic and social consequences that this global cri...

Complete Landlord and Property Manager's Legal Survival Kit | Diana Brodman Summer

Engels | E-book | 9781402223198

The Most Up-To-Date LEGAL INFORMATION for Landlords and Property Managers Understanding your rights and responsibilities under Illinois landlord/tenant law is essential to becoming a successful and profitable landlord. Complete Landlord and Property Manag...

The Top 10 Things Your Real Estate Agent or Property Manager Won't Tell You | Ethan Walker

Engels | Paperback | 9781790715640 | 46 pagina's


The Property Manager: You'll never rent again | Ns Thompson

Engels | E-book | 9781310290053

The house that Jack leased! A deeply disturbing, terrifying, jet-black comedy that will leave you wondering if you haven't just fallen down the rabbit-hole. Stalking just got a whole lot creepier and you'll find yourself at that keyhole, transfixed. Jack ...

The Manager's Guide to Intellectual Property | Jeffrey G. Sheldon

Engels | Paperback | 9781610142915 | 132 pagina's

Written by respected intellectual property lawyer Jeffrey Sheldon, The Manager's Guide to Intellectual Property is designed to help business executives and entrepreneurs understand the basics concepts of intellectual property and know when to call in the ...

Property Manager Log (Logbook, Journal - 96 Pages, 5 X 8 Inches) | Unique Logbooks

Property Manager Logbook (Deep Wine Cover, Small) - Engels | Paperback | 9781545167557 | 102 pagina's

PERFECT BOUND, GORGEOUS SOFTBACK WITH SPACIOUS RULED PAGES.LOG INTERIOR: Click on the LOOK INSIDE link to view the Log, ensure that you scroll past the Title Page. Record Page numbers, Subjects and Dates. Customize the Log with columns and headings that w...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success as a Property Manager | Melissa Prandi

Make Your Mark Managing Residential and Commercial Real Estate - Engels | E-book | 9781101140628 | 336 pagina's

Invaluable advice for property managers-and how to keep an eye on the prize. Property managers often lose sight of advancing their careers because they get buried in the details of labor-intensive, day-to-day management. This guide helps the harried profe...

This Is What an Awesome Property Manager Looks Like | Eve Emelia

Real Estate Blank Lined Journal - Engels | Paperback | 9781723934223 | 110 pagina's


Find Your Property Manager Now | Jo-Anne Oliveri

Hire the Right Agent and Make More Money - Engels | Paperback | 9780992385101 | 106 pagina's

Have your property managers... Lost you money? Broken their promises? Caused you stress? Given you the tenants from hell? Made you think, "Why am I investing in property?' Find Your Property Manager NOW puts an end to your frustrations by teaching you how...

Busy Doing Property Manager Stuff | Puddingpie Notebooks

150 Page Lined Notebook - Engels | Paperback | 9781794179370 | 152 pagina's